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EFT will help you move beyond past unresolved issues that crop up in your present to block you in what you want to achieve; how you want to interact with others; and keep you stuck in self-sabotaging behaviours and unwanted responses to various emotional triggers.

Relationships are improved and are based on who you really are rather than who you feel you should be. Therefore your relationships will feel more congruent.


Using EFT [emotional freedom technique] is one of the best ways I know for releasing the negative emotions and resultant behaviours from a specific event or trauma.

EFT will help you gain greater clarity and awareness around how you perceive things, be more able to see what is really going on and not react defensively and emotionally.  This will enable you to make better decisions for yourself and others.

Anxiety, stress and depression

EFT helps you move beyond negative thinking, feeling overly anxious, stressed, angry, sad, low self-worth and harsh self-judgement.

You become more adept at realizing what is your responsibility and what isn’t, knowing what is your business and what isn’t. This helps to reduce the amount of worry and stress around areas that you cannot control or take action on.

Caroline Lucas,

Accredited Practitioner

Hi, I’m Caroline, an accredited EFT Life Coach for people who are experiencing overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, anger and sadness.

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