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The Darkness of the Soul

When I wrote this poem “ The darkness of the soul” something happened that triggered years of repressed stuck anger/rage that I had found difficult to express and own up to, so it erupted in an uncontrollable way, from time to time, until I addressed the issues and resolved them.
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Get comfortable with anger

Many people, children, parents, teachers etc often have problems with anger, because we are afraid of anger. We are afraid of anger often because it can be out of control and violent.
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Something missing

Pieces I look around me everywhere in increasing despair I don’t know what to do I am separate from myself separate from all else but now I need to be whole Please help me find all the bits of me, to make the picture complete I look everywhere, feeling more and more in despair. I can’t find them outside of me So I look inside, deep under my skin and find the pieces hidden within The picture complete It was there all along, I carry me within No need to look beyond, outside of me I rest in this bliss,
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