Anger Management Course

Why do I offer an Anger Management Course?

So many of us have learned to view anger in a negative way, or feel afraid of the intensity of feelings that repressed anger can produce, when uncontrollably expressed in a angry outburst, due to being triggered by a situation, other person, or a build up of inner frustration.

Even if we are good at repressing anger for long periods of time, it takes a great deal of effort and energy to do this, leaving us feeling really tired and the joy having gone out of life somewhat. Repressing anger leads to passive aggressive behaviour, that also has a negative effect on our relationships, other negative consequences and how we show up in our life. Repressing our anger, angry outbursts and passive aggressive behaviour can also affect our health, by increasing our levels of stress and blood pressure. I also feel a lot of us have not been taught by our parents, guardians etc how to express our anger in a safe, non offensive, or harmless way.


  • To be able to experience and feel anger without fear.
  • To express anger with clarity, cleanly and safely.
  • To know the difference between clean anger and anger that is not acceptable.
  • To be able to know the early signs, personal to you, when you are getting angry.
  • To be aware of subtle triggers externally and internally that lead to various expressions of anger.
  • To pinpoint what is really going on and to help you get these insights.
  • To build your self esteem and confidence.
  • To empower and enable you to have more choice available to you, in terms of different ways of approaching problems, challenges and ways of relating to yourself and others.
  • To provide you with the necessary tools, should you need them, to help yourself after this course.
  • To help you become more aware of what is happening in your inner world. This will help you choose how you want to show up, to respond and act day to day.

“I instantly felt safe and for the first time in 42 years things began to make sense. I trusted Caroline implicitly. I have been lucky enough to work with Caroline again, both face to face and on the telephone.”

Vicky. Cornwall


  • Feeling calmer and happier.
  • Experiencing better, richer, more rewarding relationships with friends, loved ones, business associates etc.
  • Experiencing less anxiety, feelings of insecurity and tension.
  • Feeling more empowered to stand up for yourself in a clear, appropriate and safe way. More able to get your needs met, more able to say no to others effectively. Moving towards more win – win solutions.
  • Experiencing greater self esteem, self awareness and self confidence.
  • More able to deal positively and respond, rather than react emotionally, to various challenges, problems and difficult situations.
  • To be with your emotions differently.
  • To have a great mindset and get to a place where your thoughts are your servant and not your master.

I can provide the space and guidance, for you, to explore and utilise your inner resources and innate abilities to find your own answers. Combined with using proven skills this will equip you to deal with the challenges of life more easily.

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