‘From intense emotions to calm’ video you asked for is ready for you!

Please set aside at least 30 mins to practice the 7/11 technique. It is advisable to practice, this 7/11 technique, as often as you can so that when you really need it, you can implement it easily. If you do that and follow the instructions accurately, I guarantee that it will enable you to go from feeling anxious, having a panic attack, or angry to feeling calmer.

Here’s My Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Video Training And Put The Power Back In Your Hands

  • Use the 7/11 technique whenever you feel stressed, nervous, anxious, angry or simply need to centre yourself at the start or end of a busy day.
  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
  • Breathe in and out through your nose, with your mouth closed.
  • It is super important to slow down your breathing. Breathe in deeply,into the diaphragm filling your lungs completely,to the count of 7 and breathe out very slowlyto the count of 11.
  • If you find the above difficult, begin by breathing in to the count of 3 and out to the count of 6. As soon as you can, breathe into 7 and out to 11.
  • You know you are doing this correctly when your shoulders are relaxed and still and you’re belly moves in and out with your breath.
  • Or you could try sitting in front of a mirror, at first, to make sure your shoulders are not moving and your belly is moving in and out.
  • As thoughts and worries come, let them go without engaging in them by putting your attention and focus on your breathing and counting.
  • To become familiar with the technique and apply it easily, I suggest practicing this morning and evening, at least, for 5-10 mins.

One of my favourite things is to help empower people who want to feel more in control of themselves and the situation and get their life back.