“Over the last few months Caroline has been a true Godsend to me. I was fortunate enough to be doing a training course with her when I first experienced her warmth, kindness and incredible skills.

I was in floods of tears, as I had just realised something about my childhood. I apologised to her and furiously started wiping away my tears. She took me gently by the arm and said “lets walk and talk. Let the tears come.

I instantly felt safe and for the first time in 42 years things began to make sense. I trusted her implicitly. Since that time I have been lucky enough to work with Caroline again, both face to face and on the telephone.

The most recent phone session started with me being in a very depressed mood and trying to work out why. Caroline stopped this pattern of thinking in its tracks and by the end of our conversation my mood had lifted and we were laughing.

She just knows how to help, without disempowering you. In fact she totally empowers you. If you are reading this and you do get the chance to work with Caroline, take that step. You will never regret it. She is a true gift.”

Vicky. Cornwall