“I feel much calmer now and in control of my life. Caroline was very professional and understanding and I felt very relaxed safe and supported.”

Kirsten. Exeter

“Before I met Caroline I struggled with fractious and explosive anger that would often leave me drained and low for days afterwards. This tension, and the anxiety that was driving it, was affecting the way I dealt with my work and personal relationships.

Thanks to Caroline’s patient and perceptive guidance I have become a far calmer and happier individual, able to deal with anger far more effectively than I ever thought possible. Through practical and insightful observations and techniques Caroline helped me to identify problem areas and uncover the anxieties and disquiet that were feeding my frustration. My self-esteem is invigorated and my previous tendency to deny, bottle up or beat myself up over my emotions has essentially been extinguished.

Working with Caroline has been hugely beneficial for all walks of my life and friends and family have commented upon my fresh outlook: I am more confident, genuinely cheerful and capable of dealing with problems or situations which previously would have been infuriating or paralysing.

Caroline is experienced and considerate, she not only helps you in her sessions but also provides you with the tools to continue to help yourself, should there be any need to do so. For anyone seeking to improve their emotional health in any way, Caroline should be your first port of call.

Tom. Exeter

“I have battled with anxiety and depression since a child and I am now 43 years old. I have seen various counsellors and Psychotherapists since the age of 22.

In recent years I had resigned myself to living with constant underlying fear. When in social situations of any kind my mind would race around evaluating the safety of the environment. A blanket of fuzz would usually follow. I had a gaping hole in my tummy that I constantly needed to fill with food or new courses. I could not rest, mentally or physically.

I started working with Caroline in January of this year. I instantly found her warm, caring, perceptive, empathetic and honest. She didn’t let me get away with previous ‘games’ I’d unknowingly been playing with other therapists. Thank goodness.

We worked on whatever came up in the space of time leading up to the session. If during that session we needed to look at something more pressing, we would. I found I cried when I needed to cry, shouted when I needed to get angry and sat with whatever emotion was present. For someone who has spent a lifetime running from her feelings, this was phenomenal. Not always comfortable, but amazing none the less.

We have now worked through a huge amount of trauma. Piece by piece. Between sessions I have felt supported. Caroline always arranged a follow up session and I was learning tools all of the time. 

If you are considering committing yourself to working with Caroline I would encourage you to go for it. I can safely say she has changed my life and set me free. I know the last comment sounds extravagant, but it’s not. Without her I would be surviving still and hunting for the next therapist. Caroline has a gift and it comes from what, I believe, she herself has experienced. She has been there and has had to find her own way out. She is now willing to help others by sharing her journey through her work. I can never thank her enough. She is a gift.”

V. T. Cornwall

“Having tried various forms of therapy in the past, with varying levels of success, I was looking for something unique, when I discovered Caroline. My driving anxiety that I’d been struggling with for months was dealt with in one session and I am now a confident and happy driver. We went on to deal with some deeper emotional issues over the course of several months, and through the varying techniques used by Caroline, I am now anxiety – free and happy, and can cope in many everyday situations where before I struggled.

My sessions with Caroline have certainly changed my life for the better. For the first time, I consistently feel confident, in control of my life, calm, positive and able to deal with whatever life throws at me. If there is ever a wobbly moment, I know that I can use the techniques taught to me by Caroline to get me back on track. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help and recommend her services to anybody that wants a positive and successful outcome.”

N. Exeter

“Before I began working with Caroline I had many phobias and anxieties which I was unable to control or understand. I was feeling scared, confused and often sad.

Within a few months of working together. I have learnt where these anxieties and phobias came from and let them go. I now feel much more confident, empowered and free.

I can truly say this is the best thing I have ever done. Caroline is amazing.”



“I had three sessions with Caroline. During my first session I was surprised that some goals I had difficulty in achieving were actually very easy. It was a matter of changing my thought processes, in doing this my goals became achievable.

I found that my motivation increased, my priorities changed and my aims for my business became clearer.

I find that although my workload hasn’t diminished, I am calmer and less stressed and the children are happier.”

Louise. M

“For anyone who may have doubts about the effectiveness of EFT and self development coaching, I Suzanne can say with complete honesty that the effects on me are simply amazing. Since working with Caroline people are remarking how much happier and confident I appear to be and suddenly after years of distress I feel reborn, more active and positive. This has completely changed my life it’s wonderful.”


“Caroline helped me to focus on the skills and qualities I already possess, enabling me to take control of anxious feelings. I feel lighter with more humour in my life.”

Debbie. Exeter

“After my sessions with Caroline I found that my motivation increased, my priorities changed and my aims for my business became clearer. I find that although my workload hasn’t diminished, I am calmer, less stressed, and the children are happier.”

Rachel, Devon

“I had to make serious changes in my life. From the very beginning I felt comfortable working with Caroline. It was amazing how my life was starting to change due to the life skills I learnt from Caroline. I wish I had met her years ago. I have gained confidence and feel more whole and complete. She is an incredible person and I would definitely recommend her. Thank you so much Caroline for helping me change my life.”

Paula, Teign Valley

“Further to the session I had with you, I thought you might be interested to know that I passed my driving test yesterday with flying colours. I am certain you were instrumental in helping me get through the blocks that were preventing my progress. Thank you so much for your help and I hope you continue to help many others along the way”


“As a result of working with Caroline, I am no longer tolerating or procrastinating about the list of things I wanted to address at the start of my Coaching. I have taken lots of steps and have a clearer way forward and am closer to achieving my long-term lifestyle goal.”

Rachel. Devon

“Working with Caroline has helped me gain my own personal power, energy and positive self image. This and the other results of the realisations made, letting go of buried anger and limiting beliefs have enabled me to move forward and to become true to myself for the first time. This has had a beneficial effect on my relationships, my own work and how I plan to live the rest of my life. Thank you.”

J.A Newton Abbot

“I felt angry, guilty and fearful about things prior to seeing Caroline. I still have the memory of the issues, but they no longer have the emotional charge they had before. I can now stand up for myself, keep calm and stop thinking of bad stuff and focus on what I want instead. I feel in control now, solving my own problems and changing what I decide I want to change. 

My life is easier, my relationships happier and everyone has noticed, some of the comments I receive are: I look great, lighter, and freer, I am more confident, bubbly and more at peace with myself. It has been the best investment in myself that I have ever made. I am really pleased that I had made the decision to see Caroline. The future now looks very exciting. Thank you.” 

Sue, Exeter

“Working with Caroline has helped me gain my own personal power, energy and positive self image. This has had a beneficial effect on my relationships, my own work and how I plan to live the rest of my life. Thank you.”

J.A Newton Abbot