Something missing


I look around me everywhere
in increasing despair
I don’t know what to do
I am separate from myself
separate from all else
but now I need to be whole

Please help me find all the bits of me,
to make the picture complete
I look everywhere, feeling more and more in despair.
I can’t find them outside of me

So I look inside, deep under my skin
and find the pieces hidden within
The picture complete
It was there all along, I carry me within
No need to look beyond, outside of me

I rest in this bliss, here is happiness, such joy peace, and love
My search is complete the picture is made
and there is nothing to do but be

So don’t believe all the lies,
All the things we are told.
Just trust the truth of you
Shine your unique being,
the way you want to be.
Just trust in yourself and be free
That’s all that’s expected of you

© Caroline Lucas

Something Missing?

It is so easy to lose sight of who we are and feel that something is missing. However, the parts of us we perceive to be missing inside ourselves, are not missing just hidden from our view.

This is either because that part is unacceptable, according to our judgment, or it is too painful and we have pushed it down out of sight, or it remains out of our conscious awareness. In this way, we have become separate from the whole. When feeling separate or scattered we can feel empty, not good enough, dislike ourselves and feel something is missing. Very often this drives us to seek fulfillment in external things, things outside of ourselves, in an attempt to fill the void. It is very easy then to identify who we are by our thoughts, what we do, what others say about us, our position in society etc, rather than who we really are.

I can help you reveal and integrate these parts of you. By noticing, watching, allowing, forgiving – this empowers, heals and dissolves the pain held around each part, so they can be integrated and become part of the whole. This enables you to be more congruent in your behaviors and in your internal and external communication. There is more acceptance and unconditional love, less judgement of yourself and others. You feel happier, clearer, more emotionally and mentally resilient, more connected to self and others and less thrown by life’s challenges. This can have profound changes in how you perceive your reality. There will be no need to hold onto false identities and the many faces that most of us present to the world. As you see who you really are and feel comfortable in your uniqueness, your authenticity, so you can allow others to see you.

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