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You are in safe hands with Caroline, A.M. Newton Abbott

"You are in safe hands with Caroline. I know I needed to make changes, but was unsure what I needed to do!  All I could see was that life wasn’t going to plan and the same problems kept on recurring – Relationship Problems and Lack of Confidence and the common...

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J, Exeter Before I started working with Caroline

“Before I started working with Caroline I had tried so many different ways to help overcome my anxiety. I came to Caroline as my social phobia, panic attacks and blushing were effecting every aspect of my life and holding me back. Caroline really helped me to get to...

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The future now looks very exciting – Sue, Exeter

“I felt angry, guilty and fearful about things prior to seeing Caroline. I still have the memory of the issues, but they no longer have the emotional charge they had before. I can now stand up for myself, keep calm and stop thinking of bad stuff and focus on what I...

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Louise. M

"I had three sessions with Caroline. During my first session I was surprised that some goals I had difficulty in achieving were actually very easy. It was a matter of changing my thought processes, in doing this my goals became achievable. I found that my motivation...

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"Before I began working with Caroline I had many phobias and anxieties which I was unable to control or understand. I was feeling scared, confused and often sad. Within a few months of working together. I have learnt where these anxieties and phobias came from and let...

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Paula, Teign Valley

"I had to make serious changes in my life. From the very beginning I felt comfortable working with Caroline. It was amazing how my life was starting to change due to the life skills I learnt from Caroline. I wish I had met her years ago. I have gained confidence and...

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Rachel. Devon

"As a result of working with Caroline, I am no longer tolerating or procrastinating about the list of things I wanted to address at the start of my Coaching. I have taken lots of steps and have a clearer way forward and am closer to achieving my long-term lifestyle...

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Rachel, Devon

"After my sessions with Caroline I found that my motivation increased, my priorities changed and my aims for my business became clearer. I find that although my workload hasn’t diminished, I am calmer, less stressed, and the children are happier." Rachel, Devon

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